Casual alpha returning player looking for a corp

o7 capsuleers. ~ 1.5 year off and on casual alpha returning player looking for a corp to contribute my awkward slightly post newbro skills to while learning and growing in game.

I love the dynamic and social realism of Eve along with its vast trade depth. I think the game looks great and while not perfect (what game is?) is singularly unique in its mechanics and style.

So now I’m just looking for the right folks to enjoy it with.

I enjoy PVE, trade, mining, salvage, exploration, recruiting, and the occasional PVP. I’ve been in large “newbro starter coprs” and while that’s fine I’m looking for a change, maybe something smaller. I’m Especially interested in experiencing FW for the Gallente, cause they seem to not be jerks.

I try, for the love of my family and RL, not to take Eve too seriously, and play a handful of other games as well. I may log in for 4 hours a day for a week and then not log in except to adjust skill queues for a month. I do admit that working from home presents certain unique “multi-tasking opportunities” heh. I know Eve can be deadly serious but for me “The childrens are the future” and all that RL business gotta come first, so just checking in on the recruitment page.



I’ll message you in the game.

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Hey! I started a lore-based corporation, but we’re still working to recruit members, so we’re still on the smaller side. We’re moving thru lowsec Molden Heath with our alliance, with NPC null and then sov null on the books. We have an industrial corp, “Co.LR Trade Consortium”, ticker: “CLRTC” currently based in high sec Minmatar space that would be perfect for ya. Even if RP/lore isn’t your thing, you still got a home here, it’s just the background of the corp. and its name. Look us up in game at “Congress on Luminaire Republicanism”, ticker: “CO.LR”. You can find more info on the corp information tab there. Fly safe o/

Hey Mandalf,

reading through your post and I absolutely get what you’re coming from, EVE is dynamic and visually gorgeous game and is unique in its style. I’m to believe that a small corp that I’ve created called Potato Academy may be the one for you. When I created this corp I wanted to share the wonders of EVE with others and foster a RL first mentality. we’re a very jump on coms with a glass of beer and have a good time group.

we are primarily located in HS and live in Gallente space, and when your looking for some people to shoot, our sister corp is located not far away in LS and allow for cross corp fleets. if you have questions about us or just want to chat, we have a public channel called ‘ART6’.

best regards in finding your new space home,

Undead Brownsnake ‘Puppa spud’

Welcome back to Eve man, hopefully this time It treats you a lot better. If you were looking for a place where leader ship has over 50 years of experience, people are relaxed, military friendly, real life friendly, understand the ins and outs of the market and how to teach it and actively mentor players to be better new and old then give us a chance. Come over and say hi to us andLet’s see if we are the right fit for you.

I want to say thanks for all the responses, I now have several strong looking choices to contemplate.
I appreciate all those pilots who are out there building something, growing their corps, all while maintaining a reasonable game / life balance.


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Dr Wilson’s Newbro Academy - Corporations & Alliances / Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums

Check us out, convo me in game if you’re interested!

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