Casual Player with multiple 80M+ toons looking for corp

Hey Guys,

I’ve been on the fence about coming back to Eve but frankly have a very demanding RL and can’t commit to playtime and may at times go afk for extended periods.

I’m mostly interested in PvE (ratting, mining, etc) but don’t mind some PvP either as long as it’s with a group. I’ve got a very demanding, stressful career and would really like to hop in, relax, and help support a corp in a quiet area that still allows ideally the use of capitals. I have toons that can cover most roles, both pve and pvp, it’s simply my playtime that’s up in the air.

Looking for some candid feedback on whether or not this is viable. I’ve done very little in Null and it’s appealing to some degree, but the fear of making a big investment, perhaps going afk for awhile only to come back and have the station flipped would really be a bummer.

Any advice here? Is there a viable option considering my circumstances?

I went ahead and sent you an in game message, feel free to reach out to me and ask some questions :slight_smile:

We would love to talk with you. What time zone are you in? Are you wanting a nullsec alliance or…?

You sound like the kind of player that would find a good home in Pathway to the Next. We are a RL 1st corp that really means RL 1st. Our members are mainly people like you that want to have fun in the game and have outside commitments that can take us away from the game, sometimes for extended periods.

What you are looking for is without a doubt viable in P-NXT. 100%

Drop into our recruit channel, P-NXT Recruit, to talk and learn more.

Looking forward to the chance to chat!

  • Grimm

You might find we are what you are looking for, give us a shout in game:-

Hi Mikuhoko,

I’m US TZ and I’d actually like nullsec, but prefer a quiet area that’s not stuck in conflict.

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Hello Mordecain!

We are interested in you, we live in very nice space, ample opportunity to rat, mine, PI, etc.
The corp provides a buyback program for your ore/salvage/pi etc. aswell as building services at low cost(corp benefit).

There is pvp aswell for the likes, on corp/alliance or other level

If you are interested / want to inform further feel free to contact me and we can talk a bit more in depth!

Kind regards,


Stop back into Solus Recruitment channel next time you’ere on, we would love to chat.

Cheers, Miku

Come check us out and ask us any questions. We are looking for more laid back pilots to enjoy the game with us.

I guarantee we wont pound on at you to pvp 24/7 come join us for a chat

Sonic Intoxication is a group oriented Null Sec corporation looking for players who are interested in Team based game play and progression.

Sonic Intoxication Offers >

Small - Medium Gang Warfare
Voice Communication Tools
Ship Replacement
Buy back ProgramOre / PI Corp
Years Of Experience
Good Ratting/Mining/PI
Sonic Intoxication is Looking For >>

Team Players
Pilots looking to learn
Pilots who can Have fun
About Sonic Intoxication

Sonic Intoxication consists of Pilots who have been playing from 14 years to 4 months! An old corp that is recently reforming and establishing our presence in an Alliance that is establishing its presence. Teaching others Eve is all part of the game, and our pilots are not adverse to it.

Our pilots don’t take the game too seriously, but at the same time are looking to improve ourselves and our space!

If you’re looking to be a part of something and grow with us, rather than be just another number evemail or convo Zarosh Dugan!

We are apart of a great alliance ( Straight Jacket Bear) we are always looking for new people to become apart of our growing corp. We have a lot to offer in scalding pass. We have a lot to offer, so if you thinking about joining a new corp or looking for something better to do then stay in high sec or you corp is slowly dying. Give us a Shout. We have great leaders with a lot of knowledge to hand out to people. They are always there to help everyone and help you become greater at the game.

Message Zarosh Dugan today

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