Dear CEOs and Directors.

Our alliance is currently recruiting corporations to join us in our expansion programme.

We are an established alliance that was born out of the merging of 3 alliances ino one. Our aim is to build a strong and independent SOV-alliance that provides home and stability for all members and that delivers good content and a rich environment for members and corporations within our alliance. We cover both EU and US timezone and our alliance enjoys a mix of veterans and newer players.

Currently we hold blues with the bigger groups in Etherium Reach and good relationships with our neighbours in geminate and other much larger alliances. These ties have enabled us to take and maintain SOV for the past 6 months in Etherium reach before our merger into one alliance

Our focus is on growth and the capability to field strong Fleets of capsuleers in any situation whether it be on grid fighting our enemies or in an asteroid belt mining to build our goods to sell.

There is SRP for all doctrine ships lost in Alliance operations.

Alliance fleets and content as much as we possibly can.

Good ISK-making possibilities because of the high valuable NS access we do have and also relatively low taxation.

Moons available to mine all over Our region From R-8 to R-64

Moon Rental program

Capital production and docking

Access to ice mining in nullsec

PVP fleets regularly with alliance or with our panfam friends.

Beside all the opportunities we offer, we also do have expectations to fellow CEOs and directors:

We are aiming for healthy and growing corporations.

Your corp must be self sufficient. As we grow this will become less of a requirement but now its is key that you are.

Yes we need PVP pilots, everyone does. But we also need someone who takes care of the production, someone who goes mining.

Activity is an important part of what we need. Participation is the key.

You are free to run your corps however you please as long as respect is given to all members within the alliance including our Leadership. This means you guys need to run your corporation. You are the boss!!! You decide what happens in your corporation *as long as you guys do stuff within our alliance.

Ideally we are looking for corps with 5+ Heartbeats. If you are smaller, dont worry. We will still consider your application.

Dotlan link:


If you guys have any questions or want to have more details please contact me.

I don’t read the forums much so an in game mail is the best way to contact me.

Contact Thebig Yvormes, Torben Thellere or Impetus Viscus Auscent in game

Hope to speak to you guys soon

Still recruiting

Bumpety Bump

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