CCP - These DDoS attacks have a reason

You guys need to investigate and find out who’s doing this crap. Its getting old!
Really need to dig in and see who’s structures are getting hosed/what timers are exposed during the DDoS attacks, and if you can correlate the DDoS attacks with a particular groups’ asset timers, then BAN THEM.

Maybe the first one, a temp ban for a day/week depending on how sure you are. Maybe give em one more warning, but no more. Next one, permanently. Not just a light tickle on the wrist, but a hard biomass of their characters and trash all assets.

I know that its unfair to a corp if one dude is paying the bill to swing a bot army at CCP’s servers, but its affecting everyone in the game, not just them and their attackers.

Imagine after the first tempban, it’d put them on notice, and they’ll internally find the idiot and punt him out. Maybe the next timer, make it so its though all their timers. Would mostly negate the reason for their DDoS.


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