CCT Industrial Group-null Provi- NRDS

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CCT Industrial Group is a USTZ industrial focused Corp and proud member of ProviBloc. We are a small tight group looking to add pilots new and old to expand our operations.

We gladly accept new/returning players and have highsec areas/ helpful members/ free ships for starters to help ease you into the game.

For the more seasoned pilots we have live in one of the most active areas of the game(Provi) and have infrastructure to support our players. We also have a SRP and members gain access to
*Mining fleets with boosts
*An alliance market
*ORE/PI/Salvage/etc. Buy back program,if it has to do with building things we buy it
*Free ships for Corp/Alliance fleets
*good ratting/sites
*access to reprocessing and manufacturing
*PVP FLEETS! Opportunity to join fleets ranging from small gang to alliance/Bloc Ops.

At CCT we care more about motivated & team focused players over just filling a roster. We aim to help all members achieve their goals and make their own stories while being part of a greater whole. For more information contact me( Chakasu Sorrowsong) or join CCT pub.

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Join CCT today!

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Just Do it!

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CCT is always looking for pilots new and old! Send an app, contact me or join CCT pub.

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CCT is always recruiting!

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Recruitment is still open

(Elyham) #7

Do you accept miners and pacifists? I don’t want to be involved with any pirate types…

(Chakasu Sorrowsong) #8

Yes we accept miners and all pvp fleets are optional. Though we do try to encourage people to pvp for defensive fleets at home.

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Join today

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