CCT needs you!

(Chakasu Sorrowsong) #1

CCT industrial Group is looking for motivated pilots who want something more than being a line member and want to make a place for themselves.
We are currently rebuilding the Corp after several members (including me) went on hiatus, we are looking pilots who do not mind not having all the fancy bells and whistles and are willing to help returning us to our former glory.
The leadership has a long history together and have lead various incarnations of the Corp doing everything new Eden has to offer when it comes to industry, you can trust in us to lead this Corp to new heights.
Right now we offer access to lowsec and mining boosts on the weekends. We also provide pilots the tools to help us grow and will provide new pilots will all they need to grow and succeed in new Eden. We can build almost anything you need and will sell at lose for Corp members.
Please contact me, Chakasu Sorrowsong, for more information or join CCT pub. Fly safe my friends