Tca reruitment open looking for new and veteran pilots

First and foremost thank you for checking out our recruitment thread. We as a corp are focused on industry and PvE hoping to grow our numbers creating a fun and exciting environment for all to enjoy the many aspects of Eve Online.

We as a Corp are looking new and veteran pilots to add to the ranks to create good content for all to enjoy we will be running regular Corp events during the week hoping to build a great corp community and create content for our members weather they are new learning the game or Veterans trying out something new.

The only requirement we ask is that you have Team speak and are able to communicate with other corp members and you are active at least a couple of nights a week.

If you are interested in joing the Corp or have any further questions please contact Overlordknight or Fat controller.

We have a public channel (TCA Recruiting) please come and have a chat

putting to the top come say hello in public

We are still looking for pilots to add to the community

got a good bunch of guys to fly with

still looking for Miners and Pve pilots

miners and mission runner welcome

moving to the top fast

bump to the top

I joined, nice folk in a good location if PVE is your aim

still looking for pilots

bump to the top we go

still looking for good pilots

to the top we go

Don’t delay, join today!

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