Celestial Solarian Alliance Recuiting

Celestial Solarian is an alliance that is based in low sec/high sec with a strong focus on Content.

We all know this is a video game and as such people want to log in and have fun. so we are looking to gather players and corporations together so that we can keep generating content. on the daily bases you can see a mining fleet in low sec and several small groups of players focusing on the blood raider sites.

What about PVP. lets look. https://zkillboard.com/alliance/99007845/

thats a trash KB. its like that because right now everyone is focused on the blood raider due to it being such easy money. the KB will be fixed starting n the 14th of Nov.

What could a small little alliance offer?
SRP? - Yes (limited to alliance approved ships and fleets)
Ore Buy Back? - yes the prices are updated daily.
Comms? - everyone has discord. come on.
Daily Fleets? - Yes

I dont know what else we can offer as an alliance who is just getting started, but if this is enough to peek your interest throw me a mail and lets talk.

the growth is progressing at a steady pace and we are looking forward to the future.

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