Cerberus Assembly Opens Recruitment to All Eve Online Players!

We are a newly established organization of active, laid-back individuals looking to primarily have fun in Eve Online. Our primary operations focus on mining and industry. Thus, players interested in those activities are highly sought for.

Other activities such as mission running and exploration are also enjoyed by our members, who are always looking for new and old blood to enter the fray. Please note that we are a real-life comes first organization where you get out what you put in.

If you are interested in applying but seek more information, please contact myself via Eve Mail. Otherwise, you may submit an application that details what activities you are interested in and the experience you have.

Newbros, veterans, and returning players are welcome to apply.

What We Have:

  • Discord Server
  • Moon Mining Stations/Fleets
  • Industrial Centers

What We Need:

  • Miners
  • Industrialists
  • PVE Pilots

Fly Safe!

James Vincenta
Director of Human Resources, Marketing, and Commerce
Cerberus Assembly

Recruitment is still open! Let us know if you are interested!

Hi where are you based?

Hi Lokhan!

We are based in Amarr space. I cannot be more specific than that for purposes of security.

Recruitment for this corporation is still open!

Feel free to drop by our public chat channel or direct mail me with any questions you may have!

FYI anyone can look your corp up on evewho and run locator agents.

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