Cerberus Federation [CEFED] - USTZ - Recruiting PVP/Indy Bros for 0.0 SOV Fun

Cerberus Federation [CEFED] is a USTZ, well rounded PVP/Industrial corporation that is a member of the Tactical Supremacy Alliance [TIKE] (AUTZ), a SOV holding alliance. We are accepting players of all walks of life and are completely open to having and teaching Newbros. We currently live in the Catch region of 0.0 Nullsec space. Our home pocket is secure space for ratting, mining, and general ISK making as it is a multiple system dead-end pocket; intel here is good because there is plenty of systems to spot enemies in.

We are seeking both PVP and PVE/Indy orientated bros to bolster our numbers. We consider ourselves to be a “Bears with teeth” group. That being said we expect all of those who focus on mining and industry to have combat ships ready to jump into and go defend our home.

What we offer:

  • Small gang, alliance/coalition fleets, BLOPS
  • NewBro friendly enviroment
  • Null Moon Mining Program
  • PVE and PVP training
  • Ice and PI Buyback Programs
  • Free skillbooks
  • Free tackle and fleet ships for NewBros
  • Mumble, Jabber, and Discord

What we expect:

  • Full API for ALL of your accounts
  • Keep it classy
  • Microphone/Headset and willingness to use it.
  • Willing to listen

If you are interested in joining and would like to know more or just want to chat with our members, you can join our public channel: CEFED Public


Bump! We are still recruiting guys of all walks of life and skill levels! Inquire within!

I approve of this message

We are still recruiting! Looking for PVPers new and old!

CEFED is recruiting PVP bros, both new and old!

CEFED is still recruiting, boys and girls!

CEFED is still recruiting!

CEFED is still recruiting PVPers! Inquire within!

Recruiting PVP players of all ages, shapes, and sizes!

Still recruiting PVPers and all other walks of life!

CEFED is recruiting USTZ PVP players for all types of gangs!

Still recruiting PVPers for nullsec SOV fun!

We are still actively recruiting PVPers!

CEFED is still recruiting cannon fodder for the meat grinder!

We’re still recruiting!

Recruiting active PVPers and BLOPsers!

Recruiting PVPers and Indy dudes alike!

Still recruiting ladies and gentleladies!

CEFED is Recruiting!

We are looking to expand our moon program. That being said, we are currently recruiting miners of all shapes and sizes.

We are still also in a never-quenching need for PVPers of all levels as well.

Join our public channel or drop me a mail for more information!