Eve Vet (2005), not bitter, returning to the game. Lots of SP, etc, etc

Me: Been playing since 2005. Quit a couple times due to rl and Eve burnout, ready to make another run at some new Eve adventures. I am returning from a 2 year absence so a lot has changed in the game and I’m eager to try it out. I run multiple 100 mil+ characters. I fly pretty much everything. I’m entirely pvp focused, don’t care to mine or run missions or carebear around for a single second. I am isk self sufficient. I am UStz, mature (ish), friendly, laid back and looking to play 3 to 4 days a week.

You: 0.0 active pvp in the UStz and fun. The chance to use caps and supers would be nice. I’d prefer a corp attached to bigger alliance simply for the added content, but I’m open to anything.

Hey BigPoppy,

Cerberus Federation is a laid back group of dudes in the USTZ that is focused primarily on PVP. We live out in Catch with our AUTZ alliance of primarily veteran players. We have capital capability and use them from time to time, however due to our size we fly a lot of small gang PVP of all flavors.

We do not have any strict activity requirements, all we is ask that you let leadership know if you are taking a break. We believe that EVE should be fun and it is what we try to do on our fleets and day to life. It is just a game and real life especially comes first.

I look forward to hearing from you,
Hideki Hakomairos

Hey Bro,

We might not be a huge alliance, but we enjoy PVP like the next person. We are part of the MWM coalition in Tenerifis. We fight daily and enjoy dumpstering people who come through space. Check out these dunks from this week:


We are not elitists and hardcore by any means. But we are US TZ and have been together for 4+ years. Mail me in game if you think you want to chat in team speak. Good luck on the search!!!

TDG is lookin for pvp’ers!

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