Seeking aggressive industrialists for Null Sec


A couple of questions:

Do you enjoy mining and don’t feel the need to justify it?

Do you like good conversation among mature capsuleers?

If someone comes and tries to chase you out of your god given patch of asteroid field, do you enjoy reshipping and punching them in their pixelated faces?

Of course you do.

So if you are US time zone and want to explore being part of a different sort of Industrial Corp, take a moment to talk to a corp member in “CEFED PUBLIC” and learn more about what we can do together.

Aggressive Industrialists urged to apply.

First Bump and a reminder that Null Sec is what you make it. Come and find out how much fun it can be.

Im enjoying to be part of this corp, its really a nice place to be.

Stuff like roams and pvp training is also a thing here!

Recruitment is open. Stop by our public channel and see if you are a fit.

And here is a daily bump.

Away for a few but now back to bump. We are still recruiting and looking for pvp and industrial pilots.

Cerberus Federation is growing and looking for pvp and industrial pilots. Join our channel and see how we can grow together.

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