Certificates for EVE Developer Resources Appears Expired

Good Afternoon CCP,

Tried to download https://content.eveonline.com/data/December_Release_2018_1.0_Icons.zip and received a NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID message from Chrome. After Googling and syncing my clock to NIST and still getting the error I inspected the cert and it says that it expired today.

Valid from: ‎Wednesday, ‎January ‎13, ‎2016 8:17:18 AM
Valid to: ‎Sunday, ‎January ‎13, ‎2019 8:47:18 AM

Looks like I just so happened to want to download the resources on the day the cert expired?

It did expire today, but should be fixed by now. Just might take a while to work its way through the caches.

Was able to get the files. I guess Microsoft Edge does have it’s uses.

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