Certificate Errror while running eve launcher

it said error

should i continue ? and ignore it ?


Why would you ignore it. It clearly tells you something is not ok and you should probably inspect what the issue is.

i have the exact same issue.

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Yeah likewise here.

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The URL https://engine.extccp.com seems to have a wrong cert with the CN:

subject=CN = *.engine.adglare.net

There is definitely something not good. I would wait for CCP to fix the issue and not have your launcher send anything to a server possibly not under their control.

@CCP_Dopamine, @CCP_Aurora are you aware of the issue?

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Just click ignore and you can log into the game. Bunch of sissies, all of you.

I didnt even click ignore, i just ignored the box completely and continued to log in, the box then dissapeared.

So just ignore the ignore, Im sure they will update thier cert in good time and maybe put a reminder in the calender for 2 weeks before the next one expires

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A certificate issue is not something to ignore. In this case it may not be a big deal, but then again it could be a huge deal. In the context of encryption this could be rather important, though admittedly I dont know what it is exactly, I’m not messing with it or launching clients till its fixed.


same here all 3 accounts

No issue here but first login in a couple of weeks and client updated before logging in.

And yes, I wouldn’t want ignore a certificate error either on the net. Not unless it was my own app and I know what is going on.

Same here. I searched the link and it just brings me to and advertisement blocker???

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