[Solved] Hello.myfonts.net - certificate error

Anyone else experiencing this in the launcher currently?

I went to the website and checked their SSL cert and it indeed says that it is valid until today only.

It seems like clicking “ignore” temporarily fixes the issuewith the popup, but this should be dealt with asap, as having to ignore the integrity of an SSL cert in order to play the game, is opening doors that better be kept close.


Yup I got it.

My first thought was CCP forgot to pay for a font licsence?

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Was just about to post this - sneaky :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:


I thought I look into it right away, inb4 “CCP u brak my gaim”.

Myfonts is rather large, kind of funny that they don’t have such things under control.

I hope they get it fixed soon, having the Launcher not knowing if he (is it a he?) communicates with myfonts or someone malicious feels a bit awkward.

p.s. also my other thread just got dunked, so I had some free time to actually play the game :stuck_out_tongue:

Its because CCP cheated EVE with some non EVE fonts. Bring back Evesansneue! \o/

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under Linux/Wine after clicking “ignore” I get a programm error with QtWebEngineProcess.exe and the launcher wont start up :frowning:

hell yeah, training users to ignore SSL errors. that is bad advice, CCP. you should just stop using SSL

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Likes this

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Do you have the root certificates installed?

Yes… I guess I updated, the work around I did was to log in as usual and as the notice keeps popping up I keep canceling till it finally stops popping up and you get logged on.

I think I will stop using launcher for now and go play something else instead. Dont want to mess with what I dont know consequences could be.

CCP nicke… borrowed the fonts and now it’s catching up to them.

I dont know of “root certificates”. The only thing I know is EVE ran fine the last weeks and months and now it suddenly stopped when this certificate error came up. I didnt do anything.

There doesn’t have to be any consequence.

If somewhere were to target you specifically and poses as “hello.myfonts.net”, ignoring the ssl error might allow them to communicate with your Launcher. However, one can assume that even in such a case there are security measures from CCP, as in: they’ll only accept fonts. Now, if the Launcher is vulnerable to malicious fonts or vulnerable in other ways, this might be a problem, as it gives a potential baddy an entry point to work with.

However, this would be a tailored attack against you and while it is not good practise to ignore SSL errors, the likelyhood of you being targeted should be tiny tiny tiny. Or is it? :wink:

p.s. this needs to fixed quickly and it probably will

Yeah. So it’s not CCP’s fault. The Launcher uses fonts from “myfonts”, which is not a subsidary of CCP. That company forgot to renew their SSL certificate on time, which leads to the error. If you spam click ignore it should work. CCP, like all the other customers of myfonts can only wait until they fix their stuff.

unfortunatly I dont get a chance to spam ignore. I can just click it once, then the other error window pops up. I surely dont want to explain how to program, but couldnt the launcher just come with its fonts like “build in”? :slight_smile:

Looks like wine is taking SSL more serious than windows.

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Clicked ignore, launcher is now just a white screen. Turning on and off now :confused:

Ice belt not resp.

what do the wine logs say?