Launcher Certificate Error

The launcher claims that the server certificate has run it’s course.

Plus, not shown: The image in the “DDoS” notification is broken. :slight_smile:

I have no idea why the browser scales the image.
You have to click it, to read the full address.


SERIOUSLY I made this thread here:

I have no idea why it is HERE now. -.-

I request having it moved.

Thank you!

I saw it too. Except in English.

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Starting this morning (my time), I am having all sorts of “Certificate Errors” with the launcher as well as small “glitches”.
I’ve been logging in each of my toons (mains and alts) almost everyday for a couple months now and for some strange reason, today I’ve been getting hit with numerous “Certificate Error” messages, even on accounts I’ve had logged in minutes earlier.
To clear the problem I have to go to the launcher (which shows the account as logging in still) and manually tell it to close that log in, then start it again.
Usually I’ve been able to get in on the 2nd attempt. Sometimes I have to actually close the launcher and reopen it to clear the accounts it thinks are already logged in.
In some cases, it showed an account as not being logged in (or in the process of logging in) while I was actually playng on that account.
In a couple of cases, I was playing on an account and clicked to log in another account (I have 7 paid accounts) and it relogged in the account I was playing (which of course meant it logged out the active account and then logged it back in.)
These bugs have all just cropped up in the last 24 hours so I’m guessing something was done (server side) to the launcher that has messed things up, as I haven’t done anything on my end that could screw this up and it was working just great at this time yesterday !

I haven’t submitted a bug report (yet) as I suspect there should already be a whack of them as I doubt I’m the only one in EVE that is experiencing this issue.
Can’t even blame it on the new expansion either ! (Unless some change was made to the launcher in advance of the new release ?)

The launcher is fine. It is is just a shell of a browser, with everything in it being HTML. The error comes from QtWebengine, which renders it. One should get the same error at opening the relevant page in a normal browser.

Here the Same since last 24h
Login problems, lost certificates etc.

I do:
Reboot PC
Use Second PC
Complete reset Connection to Provider, Router, Modem etc. (Have Cable 512Mbit Rockstable: Ping: 20ms)
Nothing happens.

Sometimes i Connect without any issue, sometimes nothing goes.

On other Internetactivity no problems.(surfing,Play aother Games,Teamspeak…etc.)

Something on last Patch ?

Is that windows xp…?

Otherwise your trusted root CAs are probably horribly out of date, do you keep Windows Updates running?

No, just the useless themes removed.
Windows Update?

Okay, thanks!

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