[CERTIFIED MERCENARIES ✅ ] - The Marmite Collective - 😈


(Saeger1737) #1252

So should you, 3 alliances down the toilet much?

Hire marmite they’ve not needed to bot to exist.

(dave3NG) #1253

How much would it cost to hire your certified services to wardec me and my corp of myself? I made the mistake of joining the EvE facebook group and everyone seems to crying like a baby about the wardec system, and I want a “peace” of that action.

It’s only me and I suck balls, so a legit offer would be appreciated… xxx

(Dom Arkaral) #1254

lmao, the facebook people are pretty much the most carebeary around

they’re all bark and no bite :wink:

(Prude Fish) #1255

Just pick a few of the 100+ wars they have at random (where they are the aggressor) and offer your corps services ad a defender.

Boom, free war dec against Marmite.

(Tora Bushido) #1256

Only dumb people want a (free) war with Marmite. :wink: