[* 1 RANK MERC] Mercenary Services - P I R A T


(Natural CloneKiller) #1

P I R A T We offer the following services.

  1. War Declaration. We will war dec a target and hunt them.

  2. Protection services. We can protect your citadels and assets. Join our protection program.

  3. Citadel attack. We will take down the target citadel (s).

  4. Trade hub. We will ensure your enemy is attacked near the main trade hubs.

  5. War assists. If someone attacks you, we will assist and use diplomacy to have the war ended or assist and fight for you.

A list of diplomatic contacts:


Natural CloneKiller


Tiran Taranovich
Cesare Paciotti
Lord Alarik

(Natural CloneKiller) #2

(Natural CloneKiller) #3

Reserved. 2

(T3CHN0 G3N3RAL) #6

how successful is the hunting campaign go with tornado’s on the undock 24/7?

(Griever Takkow) #7


(Huy Cay Pey) #8

good service

(Nykke) #9

:parrotwave1::parrotwave2::parrotwave3::parrotwave4::parrotwave5: :parrotbeer: :parrotcop: :parrotmustache:

(Tora Bushido) #10

You can say all you want about PIRAT (including all of the above), but they’re the only mercenary alliance to be as though as Marmites, who are still around after so many years. Most others disbanded/recreated many times, took long breaks or moved on (even he respected BAW quit Eve for a long time).

I wouldn’t hire them for hunting jobs (no, not even the ex VMG guys who joined them, with 1-2 exceptions (GN/Mack), who do hunt well), but you could hire them for trade hub denial and structures.

(Natural CloneKiller) #11

If you go back two days you will see R I O T were hunted…:skull_and_crossbones:

(tainted demon) #12

hunted by holesale? they seemed to bring a bigger fleet to lead(hand hold) you guys there lol

It’s too bad, I remember the days when P I R A T was a strong independent merc alliance. Better be careful there Natural, or you might end up with 2 soft alliances full off rattlesnake drones khrom will want to toughen up.

(Natural CloneKiller) #13

You make it sound like having friends and blues is a bad thing. We see things differently and its the reason why your afk in rancer for 2 weeks.

How about your group stop being afk and talking a good hunting game and show us a good fight. At the moment you bore me. Come play or are you mining in null sec lol.

(gnshadowninja) #14

Who knows, there maybe room for a return :wink:

Shout out to the guys at PIRAT, will always light a logi for you :smiley:

(tainted demon) #15

I’m just pointing out that relying on blues and friends too much is what made your previous alliance soft to it’s core.

Or are you still pretending in public that nothing was wrong there?

I honestly think p i r a t is a good move for you guys, i only hope that they toughen your guys up and that your “style” doesn’t soften them too much in return.

(Tora Bushido) #16

Which RIOT kill are you referring to NC? This one?

(Natural CloneKiller) #17

Why are you obsessed with our style. Your like the girl who got a divorce and cannot let go. Your obsession is as strong as the twits. Confirming you still miss daddy khrom.

(Natural CloneKiller) #18


(gnshadowninja) #19

You only need one reason to hire PIRAT and i’m happy to say i’m here. :sunglasses:

@Tora_Bushido I was sad to see 5 of your guys run from me on my first night back, Lostsoul nearly… lost a cynabal if I was a second quicker :wink:

Let the games begin

(Natural CloneKiller) #20

HIRE P I R A T. We will do your dirty work.

(Natural CloneKiller) #21

Marmite we are currently shooting your alt corp citadel in madirmilire. Why do you not come and defend it!

(Mc Iovin) #22