Well my “good” friend Natural Clonekiller did a night shift yesterday and flagged all the comments in their merc thread.
So we decided to run our own thread discussing the end of PIRAT.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Who are you guys and what are you doing ?

A: We are a coaliton of corps & alliances who dislike PIRAT
Actually we reinforced their war hq’s (they started to drop new structures like mad).
We will destroy all their structures in high sec.

Q: Are you hunting PIRAT on a daily basis ?

A: Yes we have a standing fleet in their / our prime time (18:00-22:00 eve time) in jita.
Everyone who is at war with them is invited to come to jita and join our fleet and shoot some pirats.
Just contact cyber fight’r or doctor per.

Q: So i want to be part of the structure bash what i have to do ?
A: Join the ingame - channel “Antipirat public
A: We post all the timers here just be in the said system at the said time.

Q: I want to contribute to the movement but iam no fighter how can i support you ?

A: We are taking donations contact cyber fight’r or doctor per for this.

**CCP is about to change the hull timers in high sec to 4.5 days **

Natural Clonekiller announced they plan to abuse the current war dec mechanic.
So we need to cut their isk stream from OMEGA & FRIENDS Medialabs
(its their poco holding corp in eve).
If you are war decced by PIRAT you should immediatly declare war against OMEGA & FRIENDS Medialabs and start reinforce their Pocos.
If you manage to reinforce a poco (they are all around in high-sec) contact doctor per or cyber fight’r with the details we will come for the armor timer.
You are free to deploy your own poco instead of the PIRAT / OMEGA poco.


Well Isutaka already reinforced :slight_smile: not even PIRATS Daddy (Wrecking Machine) could save it.

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15 mins agao, -1 cockroach https://zkillboard.com/kill/79417174/
And special thx to my friend Korean ninja for this --> https://zkillboard.com/kill/79417184/


Would be nice if you make and upload some videos of hunting them in Jita for us to see, could also serve as some propaganda piece for the cause.


Dumptynumpties rejoicing over making high sec safer for null bears. What has EVE come to…

I thought there where no safe place



why are we always the daddy.

Because that’s what natural calls you when you save him Everytime.

Pirat is a farce at this point, they’ve been found Rmting and Botting. It’s all over Reddit.

You guys are almost as sad as the antigankers



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Some of them on 18 hours a day 7 days a week nonstop for years failing to stop even a single gank and worshiping that ex ag mod (rip in ■■■■)

Haven’t reached that very low bar yet

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There isn’t, just safer spaces. P I R A T might die, it might not, but it’s better they die like this instead of just fading away completely.

I endorse these hi-sec shenanigans. If this breeds more combat activity and pulls more people to pew-pew then it is a good thing and should be encouraged. Turn those sheep into wolves…

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Doctor Per is a blanket wardec blap loki Jita 4-4 undock camper, and his little crusade is happening because PIRAT kicked his ‘alliance’ off the undock!

Note: this “alliance” consists exclusively of Doctor Per, Cyber Fight’r and their alts – every character in “OOT” corp (main corp of Jita Holding Alliance - all others are inactive) is Doctor Per

Well Chakram,

You are a pretty weird guy with all your alts and vpn connections. The most crazy thing i have ever read was the mail where you tried to insult me and my family in Real Life. You should seek help chakram. But you are the best example why Pirat has to go. To your story about doctor per you repeat and repeat wtih all that different names. Yes Per was once a high sec pirat but he changed his mind like me. Being high sec pirates is wrong in so many ways.



I don’t suppose you know what these guys are yapping about? It’s hard to tell which ones are the liars or if everyone is talking out of their ass.