"P I R A T" Will Have To Be Shut Down

I’ll leave the incredibly damning and irrefutable evidence off ShtirliZZ’s exposed 8+ Nyx botting debacle for those to pour over in the other 30+ topics on the matter. It’s all common knowledge now. What this post will delve deeper into is CCP’s official response, themselves pointing out the grief that botters can bring to those that “play by the rules”. By acknowledging the above, CCP will be forced to shut P I R A T down. I have faith CCP will simply do the right thing. In no other instance, has there been a greater case!

As founder and CEO of P I R A T, ShtirliZZ has cleanedtrillions upon trillions of ISK over the years and used much of these ill-gotten funds to declare war on thousands upon thousands of corporations/alliances which, in turn, has decimated hundreds upon hundreds of thousands over the years! The numbers are simply too great to be imagined:

-Current finished wars right now show 16,658.
-In a small sampling of 100 of those wars (I would like to have done more, but 100 almost drove me mad), I calculated an average of 45 members. Although not scientifically accurate, if that average was correct for the entire war set, you are talking about 749,610+ players. Take out some having alts, the newer alphas, etc…you are still easily over 500,000+ players affected by war decs that could not have been issued otherwise.
-Most of the finished wars, unfortunately, preyed on the newer/weak player base. I don’t have the time to pour through all 16,658 finished wars. But, suffice it to say, this entire corp/alliance was built just to grief.
-13.17 TRILLION ISK has been destroyed by this alliance. Again, most of it newer player loss.

Take into account these questions which are too damaging to be measured in a quantitative fashion:

-How many players quit the game?
-How many of those that quit told friends, wrote reviews, etc. expressing how the game wasn’t any good for one reason or another?
-How many players REAL time was purposefully ruined by such cheating methods?
-What amount of ISK was spent by players abiding by the rules to counter act these cheaters?

I could go on-and-on…

And ShtirliZZ handing the CEO-ship off to AchillesSR several days ago won’t work either; AchillesSR has been with P I R A T leadership all along. I am not CCP, so I cannot see the years of EveMails/transactions between them and others, but suffice it to say, all of P I R A T’s “leadership” is complicit. I suspect CCP taking time on this indicates just how many within P I R A T (and others) will be banned. In any case, I truly hope CCP will dismantle then shut down this alliance. It’s time for these ill-gotten griefers to get a taste of their own medicine!


You’re listing a whole bunch of grievances (besides the botting), but all we see is a great provider of “content” who also cheated by botting. This is a PVP game, PVP fights are “good,” so the only thing that CCP will judge will be the botting.

Transpose your post to “Chess” and you’re complaining that a guy made illegal side-bets and made money hustling at Chess, but also over the years used this money to host and play thousands and thousands of chess games against newbies and veterans alike, taking their pieces and achieving check-mate repeatedly.

  • 16,658 chess matches over the years
  • 13.17 TRILLION pieces captured
  • most chess matches were against newbies, and thus were “easy victories” (although said newbies did have a chance to play / learn something).

None of this stuff is bad, heh. If you’re playing Chess, you’re going to lose pieces and possibly experience check-mate. If you’re playing EVE you’re going to lose ships and experience war declarations. Only the botting is bad, and the guy should be punished by CCP according to the evidence.


I wouldn’t agree to have them banned for wardecs. Botting and RMT is bad and that’s enough for me.



First let’s get this out of the way:

It is REAL time that you give consent to being messed with PVPwise by installing and login into the game.

So then, you should expect nothing more or less from the game, and someone going out of his way to create pvp content at “your expense”, is all fair dues.

Any attempt to justify your REAL time to change anything in the game, is already doomed to fail.

Botting however should definately be hammered down to the ground. Let us hope CCP acts accordingly.


You are incorrect. CCP’s actual response specifically disagrees with your response.


As with Memphis, you are incorrect. Read CCP’s specific responmse.

Here is an excerpt from CCP Falcon’s response. Again, I’ll let you read the entire thing on your own…

…There’s the undertone in this thread that we don’t care about botting because it brings in revenue. To be frank, that’s entirely wrong. We lose far more than we gain when the ISK and assets generated from botting go to the scumbags who’re RMTing it on third party sites.

What’s more troubling for me though, is when it gets used illegitimately to fund wars for corps and alliances that leave their adversaries who play by the rules on the back foot, at a disadvantage and demoralized. There’s few things more that annoy me in EVE than people who aren’t playing by the few basic rules that we do have…"


Doubtful, CCP ban players, not corporations.

Besides they’re station humping Russian slaves picking on whales.*

  • +1 to whoever gets that rather mangled reference.

Hmm, ok, I’m wrong about their policies, and I guess we’ll see what they do.

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Wardecs are supposed to be balanced by the cost of the war dec. If pirat has been maintaining its countless war decs through botting, then its activities have worked to unbalance the game. So yea, pvp is inherent in the game and you consent to pvp everytime you undock, but that doesnt mean that cheating is impossible or that some aspect of pvp can become imbalanced.


Its how they got their ISK to me is what is important. They would/will still be placing wardecs regardless. The botting does make it easier. I wouldn’t contest that.

I just wouldn’t want it to become a lynch mob chasing mercs and such crying for bans.

Omg! They wardecced me ban them crusade.


not that i have much to contribute to this thread but
i thought ye might like these


Then they cannot fight botting.
The botters will simply hide their earnings in a corporation, by buying a Fortizars, BPOs, etc.
If the botters get banned … no big deal. They will transfer their earnings from the corporation back to a new char when things have calmed down.

No, they can’t. It’s all traceable via the logs, the logs show everything when it comes to transactions of every kind IIRC, they certainly shows asset transfers however they’re conducted and isk transactions are all logged via the wallet into the DB.

Once a botter is discovered I would guess that CCP conduct a forensic financial analysis of every single transaction, isk or otherwise related to that account; and any accounts they can directly link to it, including corporation assets and isk balances.

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You you are saying CCP removes Fortizars that are in use by a corporation? BPO that are in use? That they would take stuff away that is used by dozens or even hundreds of innocent players?

they’ve been known to do this yes,
both nuking assets and putting players in the red


Yes, assets, ships, structures, wallet balances and everything else have been removed from people involved in RMT by CCP in the past.

They’re selective about it too, the stuff that was acquired legitimately is left alone, they only remove the stuff that they can trace back to an illegitimate transaction; as I said, the logs show all when it comes to this kind of thing.

All I see is alot of whining about war dec mechanics. Normal day on eve forums…


yeah there is a fair bit of that.


Highsec war griefing is hardly analogous to chess. Lol omg the way players view themselves… nothing more than bullies, and u call it a chess match. HAHAHAHAAA!!!