Jita Holding Inc. VS piRAT


(Doctor Per) #1

Jita holding inc. alliance droped all wars and concentrated forces on the war with PIRAT alliance. Here you can read battle reports and to do bla-bla-bla (even toxic). As long they hanging around in the JITA area, a lot of them are killable. SO, if you are at war with them, feel free to join our channel named “Antipirat channel”, and you can join our alliance with your toon(s) or just enter our fleet and fly with us to kill piRATs just for fan or for your personal little vendetta.

Important info you should know about:

  1. Their best client Omega and Friends Medialabs who gives them the ability to war dec you (yes they get a lot of isk from him) is very vulnerable. PIRAT has an defense contract with him so that means every time when someone agress his POCOS they have to come to defend it. So if you want to pull a fight with them just be logged out (with your fleet) at the POCO before the timer comes out. Keep in mind if you want take revenge on PIRAT you have to wardec OMEGA and Friends Medialabs
  2. Here is a list of all pirat toons from NPC or random corps/alliances (be sure to set negative standings):
    anna tolis
    Anubis Sklor
    Bad Big Girl
    Captain-Power Rin
    Enigma Star
    fun simulator
    hell cats
    Juliya Tramp
    Kim Shapeshifter
    Lilly Glass
    Lyka Seyker
    Lans Amarr
    new content
    Chewbacca Uta
    GimmeCash Maker
    Sarppedon Salvatore
    Minerjonny Hacker
    Leelu Dallas Multi-Pass
    Heylord Focker
    Za Bing
    sky Codie
    Bublik 012
    Honor Fog
    Morpheus Tyrannos
    Rage a saurus
  3. Current operaions you can join: black praetorian’s fleet in jita or doctor per’s fleet in amarr

We are using discord for voice.
Contacts: Black praetorian /Doctor per / Cyber Fight’r. Aks one of them to give you access to our coalition ingame channel

Operation with Grey Eagles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnQ7mkGC3UE (rats were destroyed on 8 bill)

Our wars:

  1. https://zkillboard.com/war/596992/
  2. https://zkillboard.com/war/606854/
  3. https://zkillboard.com/war/609901/
  4. https://zkillboard.com/war/620859/

(Doctor Per) #2

Well it was productive day, dat pussies got all they deserved:

(Doctor Per) #3

Another one little piRATs are down

(Cyber Fight'r) #4

The best thing on this kill is we saved an unknown freighter pilot while bringing out the thrash.

fly smart freighter pilot.

(Doctor Per) #5

Join the movement

(Cyber Fight'r) #6

Meanwhile in Jita …

(Doctor Per) #7


(Lucas hurley) #8

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(Khromius) #9

Yep… you guys are awesome LOL!

(Sol epoch) #10

There seems to be a lot of angst in this thread!

Or is that people scared to lose pixel spaceships?

(Doctor Per) #11