PIRAT recruitment MERCENARIES. PVP only

Welcome to PIRAT,

When it comes to the High Sec merc life, there is no one better. We see more and more sub capital skirmishes over citadels in high sec. With the war hq coming in may, this is a great time for high sec pvp content.

If you are bored of null and want to fly bling with fellow pilots PIRAT might be right for you.

P I R A T are going to be opening their recruitment for players who wish to experience the MERC life.

P I R A T are looking for the following ESSENTIAL criteria:

  1. Guardian and/or basi ALT. This toon HAS to be on a separate account and has to be flown next to your main,
  2. Pilots keen to represent the MERC life. There are hunting contracts that need your focus. Citadel contract that require you to join fleets.
  3. Community and team work focused. We do NOT want solo pilots, but people who will log in, join the fleet and get involved in the team.
  4. Activity. Within the first 2 months trial we need to see you active and involved in the team. Failure to do so will see you removed from the Alliance.

If interested please mail / PM : Natural CloneKiller


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We like to play with sandcastles!

Pew pew with PIRAT…join the war.

Check out our kb and join the fun.

Fun times and content is heading our way with the war hq. Be part of a great active community.

Join the merc life.

Pew pew…

howdy there,
hows it going?
bump to da top

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Good mate. Drop me and khromius a mail and we will get you our comms details if you fancy a catch up.


Join us and get rich on stupid:

Loot fairy said Boo Yaa.

Nice drop.

Pew pew.

Talk to me in game…

Join us and we will lead you to the pot of gold at the other side of the Rainbow!

This demand from almost all corps who are recruiting, for multiple chars/alts, show how wrong is the direction were EVE is going…

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o/ Clone. Good to see mercs still around.

As always. See you on the inside!

Come play - We are having fun.

Do you like flying expensive ships with logi. Small gang warfare your thing? Fancy joining an active pvp group?

Like the thought of being paid as a hired gun in high sec killing citadels and hunting targets?

We spend 14bil a week on content for you. We will need you to meet minimum requirements and to throw yourself in to the alliance.

You will make alot of isk in the alliance if you invest time in the cause.

No idiots, please. We are a mature group who enjoy each others company. If you join we would want to build friendships first. You have to be team focused.

You will need to initially invest around 10 bil in ships and prove you have a tech 2 logi alt that can fly guardian and basi.

We pvp constantly so only looking for pvpers.

10 bil?

That’s a large investment. Why so much?

most likely proper bling fits for ships since that’s mostly all they fly.

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We fly bling and we make lots of isk. 10 bil really isn’t that much.

It also puts off free riders or spies.