PIRAT recruitment MERCENARIES. PVP only


(Natural CloneKiller) #1

Welcome to PIRAT,

When it comes to the High Sec merc life, there is no one better. We see more and more sub capital skirmishes over citadels in high sec. With the war hq coming in may, this is a great time for high sec pvp content.

If you are bored of null and want to fly bling with fellow pilots PIRAT might be right for you.

P I R A T are going to be opening their recruitment for players who wish to experience the MERC life.

P I R A T are looking for the following ESSENTIAL criteria:

  1. Guardian and/or basi ALT. This toon HAS to be on a separate account and has to be flown next to your main,
  2. Pilots keen to represent the MERC life. There are hunting contracts that need your focus. Citadel contract that require you to join fleets.
  3. Community and team work focused. We do NOT want solo pilots, but people who will log in, join the fleet and get involved in the team.
  4. Activity. Within the first 2 months trial we need to see you active and involved in the team. Failure to do so will see you removed from the Alliance.

If interested please mail / PM : Natural CloneKiller


(Natural CloneKiller) #2

We like to play with sandcastles!