Change of slot distribution for mining implants

Currently a reasonable priced option is available for gas, ice and ore mining. The problem as i see it is that while you can get any two of these as a ‘resource harvesting specialist’ you cannot get all three unless you buy the very unreasonable priced Michi’s Excavator Augmenter.

My suggestion is to move all the ‘highwall’ mining implants to slot 7 and boost Michi’s Excavator bonus to +10.

I know this would ultimately hurt people getting the Michi implant and reselling it and generally speaking im against hurting someone else’s income stream but this change seems like it is a fitting change of implant distribution and that this redistribution’s benefits so many farmers that its implementation outweighs the loss of income for people selling Michi’s Excavators as far as the quality of the entire game goes.

Also, ive noticed that mostly if there is an basic and exceptional implant affecting the same thing they are both in the same slot, whereas, the ‘highwall’ basic mining implants and the exceptional ‘michi’s’ implant are in different slots.

Also notable is that if someone has the michi implant and the ‘highwall’ implant that their mining of ore would actually increase 5%.

Additionally, if you simply prevent new ‘highwall’ implants from being placed into slot 10 then the existing implants are not an issue, they would essentially be grandfathered in without effort.

Whether you agree of disagree i hope that i have explained adequately why i believe the benefits of this change outweighs the losses.

i would be in my mining clone alot more with my michi mining in my hulk for ore and ice, but ofcourse no one fleet mines and an orca outmines almost all barges now short of the hulk so my +5s with michi clone stays in the dock

Find a friendly rorqual and ask if you can sponge boosts and use their compression. Most of us who run rorqs have boosts running for our own exhumers anyways so don’t mind someone else benefiting.

I didnt ask for this change to benefit myself, i see this as a change to correct an incongruity of slot distribution for mining implants and that the inconsistency needs fixed.

I appreciate your responses though.

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