Mining implants + Clone Mods

What a pain in the ass!, several mining clones to do the same job

I have 4 mining clones where one or 2 should be enough

clone 1 slots - 8 & 10

clone 2

Clone 3 - slot 10 only
Mining foreman or director (orca/porp Pilot)

Clone 3
Science and research slots 1-10 use

Why can we not have one single clone that does a specific job that we can switch into ?

Mining clone
use slot 1 - 10 not just 8 - 9 - 10

Science and research Clone

orca/porp clone where we can add reprocessing and others implants not just one implant, a clone fit for the job in hand

this make logical sense,

why can’t implants be fluid and we select the slot to install ?

I have a combat clone that has all the implants for that job, not just implants here and there

not every one wants to be a combat clone, i prefer the passive roles

A ‘combat clone’ is just as specialized as those mining clones you’re talking about.

You cay you have a

  • Ice mining clone
  • Gas mining clone
  • Ore mining clone
  • Mining support clone
  • Refinement clone (I’m not sure if this can be done in one of the other clones perhaps? It’s just one implant)

But for ‘combat clones’ you have:

  • more armor ehp clone
  • more shield ehp clone
  • faster flying clone
  • more missile range clone
  • more turret dps clone
  • bigger repairs clone
  • bigger remote repairs clone-
  • and many many many more than the few mining clones you have

Combine then into clones than can be useful


Ice mining clone

  • Gas mining clone

  • Ore mining clone

  • Refinement clone
    with the option to add * Refinement clone implants to slot 10 instead

  • Refinement clone keep separate

Why should those clones be combined?

That’s the beauty of implants, they offer you extra specialization for your ship. Not only is your clone specialised in mining, they’re a specialised gas mining clone.

Luckily you can have multiple clones, many more since another skill for even more clones was added quite recently, so having multiple clones for multiple different jobs shouldn’t be a problem.

And since you don’t want a combat clone, that should free you from many possible clone implant layouts.

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you could use genetic modifications to justified increased neuro activity within the brain for certain roles or tasks, then you just buy those clones, like how you used to update clones back in the day.

buy a clone blank then modify it as you like, then when you “install” that clone somewhere (meaning you would have to physically transport it) each time you jump to it, it would respawn the clone to that specification.

this would be really handy for jump clones actually making it so clones are bought, tweeked then installed.

once installed the clone becomes a permenant install in that location (unless things like the clone bay is turned off and such things) this way you don;'t have to worry about re-installing that clone, your clone in location X will always be as you set it.

to delete it, uninstall the clone (thus killing it) and then install a new one.

making clone blanks and clone farms a viable option in game, which would be really cool imho

“wars have been fought over the gene code of clones!”

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