Char has been sold

Selling my female Amarr pilot who has 5,742,948 million skill points (854,000 of them are unallocated)

She has no kill rights
She has a positive isk balance
Her standings allow her to fly everywhere in hi-sec space.
She has no jump clones installed anywhere.
She has a +2 implant in each of Perception, Memory, Intelligence and Willpower.
She is Docked in Hi-sec in Amarr 8 Emporer Family Academy.

Has been skilled to make the most out of being an alpha account if you wish to play that way.

Want to sell for 4 billion or near offer

I will pay transfer fee

Post edited to include increase in skill points.

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Currently its showing less than 5 million sp

Please update your skillboard

Yes 800,000 of them are unallocated, this means you can apply them to anything you desire, however i will double check.

But… what I think I mean is the char has the skill points showing + an extra 800,000 that you can use for whatever you want. Let me double check.

Ok looking at the characters skill page she is currently listed as having 5,707,948 total skill points

819.000 of these skill points are unallocated which means you can apply them to any skill you wish, rather than being tied to a particular skill.

If you are still unsure let me know I can send you screen grabs of her in game.

it seems the link is showing incorrectly, I shall update it. The char has exactly what I have currently listed 5707948 skill points of which 819000 are unallocated.

…UPDATE I havbe updated the link, any more problems let me know, sorry for any inconvenience.

Regards Xcummie

I will offer 3bil

Could you stretch to 3.5?

I wish I could, I like the character but i have to be disciplined.
3 bil is a firm offer.

Ok, I will accept 3 billion. Let me know when you have sent the isk and transfer details and I will do it straight away.

Sorry, offer withdrawn. I didn’t sell the account I thought I was about to to raise the cash.

No problem, character is still for sale.

I can offer you 3.2b today if interested.

So sorry was away for a day, yes I will do that if you are still interested.

Still for sale bump

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how about posting that character for sale, and i might make an offer.

any character you sell, you are supposed to create the topic with that character, or post in the topic with them that they are for sale.

Oh have i made a mistake? damn I was sure I had read the rules correctly. I will do what you suggest, thank you for the heads up.

ill do the same for my others when I get a min.

13.5B for your 4 chars :
Xcummie Wun
x 5meg Ma
xTutched Yoorbitz
V1k Tury