Char has been sold

Hello I am selling my charcter x 5meg Ma, I have 5,024,835 million skill points (747,750 of them are unallocated)

I created this character as a Gallente Combat Pilot, she is well trained up to Battlecruiser and Medium Blasters, a perfect pilot for the new faction war changes coming into effect or whatever takes your fancy.

x 5meg Ma
I was created 2016-10-25
I have no kill rights
I have a positive isk balance
My standings allow me to fly everywhere in hi-sec space. (-1.52)
I have no jump clones installed anywhere.
I have left corporation
I have a yearly remap available and also 2 bonus remaps.
I have several implants in my head, see skillboard.

I am docked in hi sec in the npc station in Tar (near dodixie)

Want to sell for 4 billion or near offer

I will pay transfer fee

Its me buy me :slight_smile:

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