I Have Been SOLD

Hello I am for sale, I am called Xexululy Acteve, I have 5,397,587 million skill points (815,000 of them are unallocated)

It takes 250k skillpoints to get a rank 1 skill to level 5 so with the unallocated skill points you can get 3 rank 1 skills of your choice to level 5 with a few left over.

I created this character as a Gallente Combat Pilot, she is well trained up to Battlecruiser and Medium Blasters, a perfect pilot for the new faction war changes coming into effect or whatever takes your fancy. I have also specced into amarr ships a little so I can be used for fleet support with armour reps in gallente’ s exequeror or amarr’s augorer


Xexululy Acteve

I was created 2016-09-29
I have no kill rights
I have a positive isk balance
My standings allow me to fly everywhere in hi-sec space. (0.03)
I have no jump clones installed anywhere.
I have left corporation
I have a yearly remap available and also 1 bonus remap.
I have several implants in my head, see skillboard.

I am docked in hi sec in Gererique VI - Moon 3 - Federation Navy Testing Facilities ( Gallente Logistics Station )

Want to sell for 2.5 billion B/O

I will pay transfer fee

bump a dump

zoom kaboom kabump

Reduced price to 3 billion B/O

take a bump

Really just want to find a new home so price has been dropped to 2.5 billion B/O

b u m p

b u m p

b u m p y

Bumpy Doo Bumpy Daa Bumpy Day

I will buy for 2.5B. Isk and ingame mail sent.

thankyou starting transfer now


01 Apr 2020 19:23

EVE Character transfer

Payment Method

Account Information

EVE Character transfer




Character sent, be gentle with her, she was dropped on her head as an infant. Thank you.

just a mail to confirm it is actually me, regards X

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