Character has been SOLD

Hello my name is ZZ Silentbut Dedleephartz and I am for sale, I have 5,263,761 million skill points (655,000 of them are unallocated)

It takes 250k skillpoints to get a rank 1 skill to level 5 so with the unallocated skill points you can get 2 rank 1 skills of your choice instantly to level 5 with a bunch left over.

I created the character as a Combat Blaster Pilot, he is well trained up to Cruiser and Medium guns, a perfect pilot for trying the new faction war changes coming into effect. He has a decent rounded skill set to play as an alpha toon if you wish to play for free with enough unallocated skill points to train as you desire.

ZZ Silentbut Dedleephartz

I was created 2016-11-01
I have no kill rights
I have a positive isk balance
My standings allow me to fly everywhere in hi-sec space. (-0.04)
I have no jump clones installed anywhere.
I have no implants
I have left corporation
I have a yearly remap available and also 2 bonus remaps.

I am docked in hi sec in Dodixie Fed Navy Station

Want to sell for 2.5 billion B/O

I will pay transfer fee

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Shower me with isk and I can be yours :slight_smile:


boom bash bump

bang kapow kabump

Price reduced to 3 billion B/O


I have dropped the price to 2.5 billion B/O

b u m p

b u m p

b u m p y

OOH AH Bumpy Bumpy dum didi day


Humpty Bumpy sat on a forum eating his curds and whey, along came a spider and sat down beside him and bumped poor humpty away.

you still sell it

still available for sale

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accepted please send isk and transfer details and ill do it immediately

ok ill get the transfer done in next fifteen mins


03 Apr 2020 16:18

EVE Character transfer

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Account Information

EVE Character transfer




Thank you for your business