Great subcap pilot
Midgrade Amulet Clone
Positive wallet balance
Located in High sec
No Killrights
Remap Available

Starting bid 80b

90b B/O ?

That was what I was looking for so consider it sold! Transfer the isk and send account info and I will start the transfer

I’m at work for the next 24h (deplacement) - will send em straigh when back, to this toon.

Confirm the deal is sealed between us

Thats fine. I will consider it sold for the next 48 hours.

Hey @Striney, any update on this?

No contact from buyer…Still for sale.

daily bump

70b offer

Thanks for the bid. Daily bump

Offering 85b

Offer accepted if isk and account info is sent straight away.

Isk and account info sent

Isk recieved and transfer initiated, thanks!

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