Character sold please delete

(Franz Leopold) #1

All CCP rules apply
Positive Wallet (Leaving 200 mil ISK in wallet, 400 mil ISK in assets)
Positive standings
2 Remaps avail
No kill rights
Jita Parked
No Jump Clones
Raven and a load of other assets being left (no Hamgu or Cerberus)

Haven’t been on this character in ages!

Caldari Strategic Cruiser / Rank 5 / Level: 5 / SP: 1,280,000 of 1,280,000
Caldari Battleship / Rank 8 / Level: 5 / SP: 2,048,000 of 2,048,000
Heavy Assault Cruisers / Rank 6 / Level: 4 / SP: 271,530 of 1,536,000

Will close bidding on Friday 2nd March or when it’s gone quiet.
Any questions message on here.


(Brock Khans) #2


(Morlif Norus) #3


(Zazzel Blackthorn) #4

23 bil

(Sisa Amatin) #5

Please update your eveboard account!

From the rules:
“Proof of skillpoint count for the character you are selling must be provided for the auction to be valid. This can be offered in the form of an API verified eveboard367 profile. The use of out of date eveboard profiles for character sales is prohibited.”

(Franz Leopold) #6

Forgot to put ‘No expiry’ on API, all information still same and link repasted o7

(Franz Leopold) #7

Zazzel Blackthorn, do you still want to purchase the character? Will settle for 23 bil

(Sisa Amatin) #8

23.2 b

(Zazzel Blackthorn) #9

Confirming ISK and info sent via in-game mail.

(Franz Leopold) #10


(Zazzel Blackthorn) #11

Character transfer email received. Thank you!

(system) #12

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