Character sold

(Another Clammy Bear) #1

Positive wallet balance
No Kill Rights
Located in Friggi .5 Space
No Jump clones

B/O 2b


eve mail to: Darlow en Marland

(Khali Katelo) #2

Retracting bid. Sorry for the inconvenience.

(R-0-B-0-C-O-P) #3

I will do 2.5b

(Another Clammy Bear) #4

character still available.

(Another Clammy Bear) #5

do you still want the char? 2b

(R-0-B-0-C-O-P) #6

Yes. I am at work now. Can send isk when I get home. Is this ok?

(Another Clammy Bear) #7

yes, that’s fine. Ill be off all day

(Another Clammy Bear) #8

This character is still available.

(Another Clammy Bear) #9

this character is still available.

(Ghroth) #10

2B is ready

(Ghroth) #11

isk and info sent

(Another Clammy Bear) #12

Transferred over.

(Ghroth) #13

Thank you