Character Sold

Selling my rorq/super pilot that I don’t use.
38.2mil SP
No Kill rights
0.9 Sec Status
1 Available remap
Positive balance
HG Ascendancy clone (in Esoteria though)

Glittering Dream skin for Nyx

Currently in HiSec.

Will pay transfer fee once isk is received .

Starting bid is 35bil
B/O- 45bil

Sorry, but that is too low.

30B !! :slight_smile:

@Pollytits just a friendly reminder, your link reads 38.2m SP yet you “only” advertise 32.8 :upside_down_face:

32B bid:smiley:

Appreciate it.

Current minimum bid is 35b. I have however lowered the b/o.


35b offer good for 12hrs

Lowered the Buyout to 45bil.

If you are willing to do 40 it’s yours right now.

38 bil for this character ready now

Let me know when you’re ready to transfer the isk

36bil ready now

Appreciate the offer but current bid is 38bil

38.1 bill isk offer now if you transfer with cash

I will be using CC correct. Send isk and account in game and will transfer

isk and account name sent

isk received. transferring now

Transfer paid/complete.