Character SOLD


B/O, can do rn

i will pay 2.5B

@Fortizar_Kruuuuuto 's offer accepted (He did first)

2.5B offer accepted

Please send isk to this character.
After I verify, I’ll proceed the transaction and notify to you.

so you sold it already?

not right now if he don’t reply in 12h from now, im willing to sold to you.

if you want to sell it now I’m ready… i will retract my bid in 1 hour

fine i ll sell to you zeroheart send me a isk and i’ll start the transaction

ISK has been sent

Received Transfer to zeroheart alone ?

don’t understand sorry my English is not good

Should I transfer to ‘zeroheart alone’ ?

the username of the account i want it transfers to is oilhunter01

Transfer Initiated

receiving… thank you

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