Character Sold

No wallet balance

No kill rights

No jump clones

Located in Cistuvaert


I offer 2 bi


2.3 bi

I am not in a hurry and firm on the price.


I am not sure how I can say that I am firm on the 3.5b price and I am not worried about waiting more than I have already have done. I know that some one might not be all that interested in me now, but I feel that someone will be eventually and I am willing to wait.

Please, can 2.5b? I am really a new player.

3b off

I am still for sale.

This a bump looking for serious offers.

Are you willing to accept 3.4b?

Yes I am.

3.4b and account information were sent to Billy JoeJimBob.

I have been transferred to your account.

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