Character Sold

WTS toon

Hello everyone, Selling my old toon to start a new one with my son.

Character was born in 2016
Has a 5.0 security status
3,235,694 isk positive
Home station of Jita with a jump clone in Amarr
46,011,213 Skill Points Character Sheet
No Kill rights, npc corp
Can fly many ships including Tengu, Jackdaw, Proteus, Expedition Frigates, Exhumers, Orca, Gila, Rattlesnake, Nightmare, Bhaalgorn, Machariel, Vindicator, Nestor, Barghest, a few Triglavians, and more.
Starting Bids at 40 billion isk, Buy out at 75Billion isk

33b offer

Hey, you are missing some skills to really fly Mach and so on, battleships are only on lvl 3, otherwise it’s a good character, I can offer 36 bill isk ready to do this asap, atleast I won’t use the character to extract its skill points and biomass it, it will be played and taken care off, let me know, fly safe.

ok 36 bill and he’s yours

well bro too late, i got another character sadly, i liked this one more :slight_smile:

Trinity XI would you still like to buy it

I offer 33 bil o7

I accept 33 bill as the deal

after isk transfer I will send him your way

ISK and Account info sent o7

character received o7

excellent. Happy flying o7

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