WTS Myself - 32M SP Ready to use 0.0 Character

Hey all,

Looking to sell this character. It was injected to function as a 0.0 alt, but it turns out I just don’t appear to be using it. Looking to recover some of the ISK.

Character has no kill rights no jump clones, positive wallet, is located in HS, has a decent name and looks good!

Skills: Skillboard

Most notably, flies current doctrine ships (Muninn, Rokh with T2 guns) Command ships & destroyers, Logi, Recon, HICs & Dics. Character also flies Ishtars, with T2 Sentries or Heavy drones for your ratting needs. Has access to Gallente level 4s in empire as well.

Looking for 20b


18 bil B/o

Looking for a little more.

20 bil

Will sell for 20b. Ill wait your ISK transfer and msg me the account name to transfer too.

will send it in a few mins

mail and isk sent

Transfer initiated. Thanks for the speedy business. :slight_smile:

CCP email received, thanks for the quick work :slight_smile:

just comfirm Got her

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