Character Sold

Looking to sell one of my capital alts. Can Fly Dreads, Carriers, Triage. Flys an excellent bumping Lif!

86,250,000 SP
934,188 Unallocated SP

Capital Ships 5
Amarr Dread 5
Gallente Carrier 5
Black Ops 5
Caldari Dread 4
Gal Dread 4
All jump skills to 5

Sec Status 2.5
Wallet Green
NPC Corp in Jita
2 Jump Clones are available. HG Snakes and MG Snakes
No Kill Rights
2 remaps available

Character Sheet

70B Minimum - 80B B.O

60 bil

70b offer

actually ill do the 80b b.o if you’re around

Accepted. Send ISK and account name. I will initiate the transfer.

nice. Isk and a mail with the account name sent

Transfer Initiated

Transfer Completed. Please close

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