Character sold

Character Sheet

  • Positive wallet
  • No kill rights
  • 2 Bonus remaps

Focused Dreadnought / Titan pilot.

  • Amarr Titan V
  • Gallente Titan V
  • Amarr Dreadnought V
  • JDC / Jump Portal Generation V
  • Capital Energy V (Capital Beam/Pulse Specs to IV)
  • Capital Hybrid Turret V (Capital Rail/Blaster Specs to IV)
  • Doomsday Operation V
  • Doomsday Rapid Firing V
  • Tactical Weapon Reconfig V
  • Full High-grade Amulet + Omega clone Includes, EM-706, MC-806, SS-906, HG-1008, located in 1DQ1-A (null sec), docked in a player keepstar.

Destination: Docked in, 1DQ1-A (null sec), 1DQ1-A - 1-st Imperial Palace (player keepstar).

Starting offer 80b

b/o 95b

Character has been sold

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@Baron_Wester Send you an imgame Mail.

Please update the post to include all required information listed in Welcome to the Character Bazaar.

When complete, flag the original post and this thread will be unlocked.


80B offer

Hi friend! Sent you an ingame mail, lets keep it in 1DQ Shall we?


85B offer

Bump, letting this stew for a few more days. 85b is the highest offer and Iā€™m likely to accept within the week if there are no higher offers. ty!

86B offer

87B offer

88B offer

89B offer

90B offer

in-game BO offer accepted from Lenny Killstreak

ISK and account info sent waiting transfer

ISK received and the character transfer has been initiated to the specified account. Thank you!

This sale has ended.