Character sold

  • Ultra-focus combat pilot (not a single sp wasted)
  • Perfect (or near perfect) fitting skills
  • perfect missile skills (perfect breacher/bellicose/vfi/sfi/bellicose etc. pilot)
  • perfect navigation skills
  • full set of snakes+zor hl etc
  • fly Loki (current skill focus)
  • 0.0 security status (currently located in Jita 4 moon 4, npc corp)
  • can wreak havok on the battlefield (check killboard: )
  • was designed for solo pvp

16 billion

17 bill

WARNING - [ This post is to formalize a pending sale already made thru evemail. No N&IL bid please. Head chasers/mass buyers please restrain, unless bid is above 29B. Sale should be over very shortly ]

29b as agreed in game per mail.

Offer accepted.

Awaiting for ISK to initiate transfert

ISK and account info sent

ISK received. Initiating transfert right now

Received CCP confirm email

- ’ Character Transfer Initiated. You have chosen to transfer the character (…) We are currently processing this transfer. The character you are transferring will remain on your account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes. ’

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