WTS 56m SP Marauder pilot + loki, svipul and frigates


Good skills for factional warfare PvP
Can fly a Kronos or a Vargur in PvE
Can fly a Loki
Can fly Svipul
Decent scanning skills

Character is located in Jita and comes with a jump clone with implants :
All Mid-grade Snake set
Eifyr and Co Rogue Evasive maneuvring EM-703
Zor’s Custom navigation Hyper-Link
Zainou Snapshot light missiles LM-903
Zainou Deadeye rapid launch RL-1003

No killright, positive wallet and sec status

2.27 Minmatar Republic faction standing
2.20 SOE faction standing
2.06 Gallente Federation faction standing

Skins :
Machariel Angel’s Hex
Loki Battlescar
Vargur Bloody Hands, blue tiger, Thukker Tribe
Svipul glacial drift

Asking 50b as starting bid and 60b buyout.

48b offer


Daily up! Still selling

Would pay 50b if you sold today

Well, if no one other bids higher I guess I’ll sell it to you at the end of the day

im aus tz and would love to have her ready for tomorrow what would it cost?

Can you upgrade your offer to 51b, and send me the isk and account name ? I start transfer in 3-4 hours when i come back home if i have all

Sure will send it now

Character transfer initiated, thank you very much and enjoy !

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