Character SOLD
92m sp, total net worth 208,601. 2 jc in empire one with standard set. sec status 5. no bounty.
In npc corp

Seems previous bidder cant raise the iskies so first bid of 77b takes it

75b but active looking to buy now


77 bill

80b final has to be now

Online now until auction end if you have any questions

Back up for sale first 77b takes it

77b offered

sold to absolute truth

Isk sent and account info sent via in-game mail.

When will you be able to initiate the transfer?

Transfer Done

Transfer email received. Thank you.

What does transfer email mean?

It means that I received an email confirmation from CCP that the seller has initiated the character transfer to my designated account. Ten hours after the transfer email is received, the character will appear on my account.

Where do they send the email to ?

The email address assigned to the account receiving the transfer.

Thanks for telling me that ! Never knew about this !

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