Character SOLD


I am for sell

She is focused on:

  • Probing - Buzzard
  • Jump Freighter - Anshar
  • Transport shipt - Viator / Occator
  • Stealth bomber - Manticore

Main Skills - lvl 5:

  • Hull Upgrades V
  • CPU Management V
  • Electronics Upgrades V
  • Energy Grid Upgrades V
  • Power Grid Management V
  • Evasive Maneuvering V
  • Jump Drive Operation V
  • Navigation V
  • Warp Drive Operation V
  • Industry V
  • Gas Cloud Harvesting V - bonus :slight_smile:

All probing / scanning skills lvl IV

Spaceship Command skills:

  • Caldari Frigate V
  • Covert Ops IV
  • Gallente Freighter IV
  • Gallente Industria V
  • Jump Freighters IV
  • Transport Ships IV

JF skills:

  • Jump Drive Calibration IV
  • Jump Drive Operation V
  • Jump Fuel Conservation IV


  • no killrights
  • pos sec stat
  • pos wallet
  • in highsec
  • 2x Remap Available


  • 4 Standard set for skilling

Start bid: 14B
BO: 17B

thank you for the bid but Iā€™m looking for a bit more

17b b/o


I accept yours 17 b/o

Congrats, you win.

Please send isk and account name in-game.

I have not received an email or a payment from QueenOfEast. If it does not happen within 60 minutes, character will be ready for sale again.

I am still for sale

If you want a quick sale I can offer 15b right now

I sent you an email in game

no mail yet make sure its to the female ronni ormand there is a male not connected to me

ok, try now, thx

thank you for the offers, but I expect a slightly better offer than 15B

16b offer for 2hours

really? you once wanted to buy this character for 17b. you did not send money and email and now offer 16b?

I ignore this offer. Iā€™m still on sale. the last bid is 15b.

I am still for sale.

I can offer you 14bil b/o. Online now.

Thank you for the offer, but looking a little more

15,5b offer

Frank Pannon

I accept yours 15,5

Congrats, you win.

Please send isk and account name in-game.

ISK and account sent.