Charm School - Fashionably Violent PVP | Gallente FW Corp


We’re a PVP corp in Gal Mil (FW). US TZ but we’d love some AUS and UK TZ coverage. Cruisers and below, small gang action, lots of fun, and very much a lively bunch.

We offer:

TS3 Server
Light logistics
Loads of Content

We require:

18+ - (We’re charming, but adult about most conversations)
Headset & TS3 Client. No headset, no dice. You’ll die before we can help you, be in TS3!
ISK Self Sufficient. We don’t replace your ships (Be aligned next time =)
5 hours a week (you know you play more than that…)

Other than that, game on. I kick spys and trolls. Most of us are laid back as hell. If you don’t get throat punched often in your day to day grind, we’ll mesh fine =)


Apply in game, send an EVE Mail or PM to “Renge Ukyo”. We’ll get you in Teamspeak and have a chat. If you’re feelin what we’re feelin then it’s pretty easy to see what happens next. If you’re not, no harm no foul. Find your place.

Fly Dangerously,

  • Renge
    Charm School CEO

I’ll be doing a MIlita wide fleet this evening beginning at 9Pm CST (US TZ) for those of you who’d like to attend. =)

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