Looking for a challenge? Join FW on the Gallente side! EUTZ PvP

Hi there!

Savage and Average is a new corp with experienced leadership who recently came back to EVE. After some time searching for a laidback EUTZ LowSec PvP corp and not finding what I was looking for I decided to venture out on my own. I want to grow a (small) corp with a heavy focus on fun.

We just enlisted in FW on the Gallente side. Indeed, the side that is loosing!! Which means there is plenty of targets and action to be had. Just grab a frigate and go out for some PvP!

We are a starting corp so expect numbers to be low for the near future. Anybody who would like to join a corp and grow together is welcome. Leadership roles will be available so if you have an ambition in that side of EVE than jump onboard.

In short we offer:

PvP orientated
experienced leadership
no login requirements
discord comms
no blues

We ask:

ability to be on comms when in fleet
desire to blow up ships

Sounds simple right!?

if you are interested reply here or mail me in game @ Turakama

Hi there m8

From what i just read what you trying to do its exactly what we are already doing.

feel free to have a look at our latest video below

maybe joining us instead and be part of our humble corp/alliance


Note: If not interested i hope this bump will help you out :smile:

Thank you for the offer but I will have to respectfully decline :slightly_smiling_face:

That said, recruitment is of course still open!

had nice talks yesterday:) recruitment stil open

still recruiting

still looking for pilots

nice to see there is interest in the corp! keep it up!

Happy to see more and more interest.

Still looking for more likeminded pilots!

Weekend is upon us:) join us now!

come join us!

Bump for recruitment

We joined FW on the GAllente side as of today. Excited to get in on the action!

Still looking for pilots!

Lazy day but still bumping

Another day, another bump

still looking for more pilots!

join us!

Weekend! time to join FW!

Weekend bump!

Join us in our fight against Caldari