Cheap Titan/Super BPC Packs + Cap Drone Bay BPO's

All in JIta:

Selling 5x ME10 TE20 Capital Drone Bay BPO’s - 4.5b (around NPC price for full research)

Leviathan BPC Packs - ME7 TE10 with 10/20 Components - 3.5b (3 left)
Ragnarok BPC Packs - ME7 TE10 with 10/20 Components - 1.5b (6 left)
Nyx BPC Packs - ME8 TE14 with 10/20 Components - 250m (14 left)

Will consider bulk offers


contract me the drone bay bpos

4,6 B for the drone bay bpo’s, make contract to slemtiger

contract wasnt accepted by buyer for 2 days, so guess these are still available

still available

Added more stock

If the Drone BPO’s are still available please contract to me, will be accepted within 24 hours.

contract up

Accepted, Many thanks and a pleasure doing business.

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