Check docking access structure for market


I am building a script to check possible profits for hauling stuff from market to market. One of the problems for this is that I would like to check if the selected character has docking rights to the structure of the market.

I identify market structures via the evemarketer api and I have the structure_id. What esi endpoint can I use to check if my character has docking rights and can actually buy/sell goods in that structure?


You would need to fetch the orders for each structure. If you get a 200 back you can dock there, if you get a 403 you can’t.

ah is that the trick? funny thing is that evemarketer should also be able to read them then. But I found out in the past that an order I could see there was not available when I actually tried to dock there.

If you’re fetching market orders from the entire region, that may include buy orders from citadels that you may not have permission to dock in. However in order to get sell orders you have to fetch orders from that structure itself, which you must have docking access in order to get the data.

ah that is clear. Thanks! I have adjusted my script to check that endpoint for all structures that are relevant from orders.