Christmas is coming soon, prt 7 2018 Event

(Daz Miromme) #161

Images from the Conga Line currently dancing in the system:

(Rocarth Miromme) #162

Jingle Jangle!! Heading that way now!

(Tobias Lee) #163

What time does the event start please?

(Rocarth Miromme) #164

I believe it’s an all day thing. Started after DT sometime.

(Plec Beddelver) #165

My first spacecraft Conga Line! Thanks Santa Spirit for making this happen.

(Plec Beddelver) #166

More of the Conga Line!

(Plec Beddelver) #167

And one more.

(Daz Miromme) #168

More Conga Line pictures:

(Yozo Ellec0n) #169

I see I misread the time. Is the event still running?

(Doorn en Distel) #170

I’d like to be part of this. Do I need to bring anything?

(Xylyx Zeniith) #171

Santa Spirit, check your ISK balance…

(Santa Spirit) #172


Just your smiling face

Thank you kind Sir

(Bruuu Nathors) #173

Some help for alfa trying to collect in to become omega?

(Dusty Phoenix) #174

This is the first i have heard of this, but i only started in EVE little over a year ago…

I enjoy eve… its not what i usually played, guitar hero was made for me , but i wanna know did anyone else get to the third donation list and think that FIRESALE STOLEN CORP LOOT was somehow gonna spam its way onto your screen?

hope no one missed the point …

Thanks to everyone, who put this together, And to those like me, who wish they could have thought it up themselves, ya didnt. Classic

(Plec Beddelver) #175

Posted by character, Destiny Shakkara, at the Santa Spirit Event 2018(today). For the “12 Days Of EvE” 12 drones a buzzing,11 rats a laying,10 gates a jumping,9 rocks a mining,8 mates a fleeting,7 orders selling,6 contracts outstanding,5 skills a trading,4 prostitutes,3 sleepers sniping,2 failed missions and lost in wormhole space… I can hear this in my head. Some of you talented folks put it to music for us and post it, for us less talented people to listen to…

(Plec Beddelver) #176

Had a blast at the Santa Spirit Event today. A BIG thank you to @Santa Spirit, and his many elves. It was a memorable time for me. I’m glad New Eden has people like you, and the many others I met and made contact with today. The Trivia,fireworks,frigate brawls and other fun things(even a frozen corpse auction,for charity). I will definitely remember this day for a long time to come. Hope all of you folks have a GREAT Holiday Season!

(Doorn en Distel) #177

So it happens I managed to become 2nd in the brawl.
This was my first taste of PvP (other than getting ganged somewhere as a noob in a wormhole or in what I still count as ‘low-sec’ (0.4 or lower) where I clearly had no business of going there) and it was great fun.

To any noob reading this next year: Sign up and go where Santa is. The generosity is overwhelming and it’s e genuine hospitable and fun atmosphere with all the attendees around. You can’t lose out!

Thanks Santa for making my wishes come true!

(Wunders Wuzi) #178

First time taking part, great fun thanks for organizing this!

(Ethan Armstrong) #179

Had fun organizing the 3 round treasure hunt later in the evening. Hope everybody liked it!

(Plec Beddelver) #180

Second place, Congratulations!