Christmas is coming soon, prt 7 2018 Event

(Plec Beddelver) #141

I’m trying to convince myself that, although I’m a relatively new player, that I should give it a try.

(Santa Spirit) #142

Certainly there will be.

you’ve got nothing to lose by trying, and EvErything to gain.

(Plec Beddelver) #143

Sent you an Evemail to sign up.

(Lizzi Leviathan) #144

How do we signup?

(Evo Ex) #145

Hey Santa Spirit!
Count me in for the brawl, work schedule allowing. I work evenings, but I am doing my best to get there and have the time to enjoy the festivities. Long days for me here recently. :-/
Thanks again for this event, and we hope to see you soon!


(Shanks Maulerant) #146

ill also come a bit later, gotta work :smiley:

(Gangel Mileghere) #147

what dos i takes to be part of the brawl ??

(Santa Spirit) #148

Just shoot me an EvEmail with your race and a note that you want to be in the brawl…


(Evo Ex) #149

@Santa_Spirit Out at work, Amarr here and having trouble sending evemails. -.- I’ll send you an EvEmail as soon as I get back.

(Herzog Wolfhammer) #150

Good luck on the event. I’ll try to attend but Fridays is when the electronics systems I deal with like to break down. At least I get paid for the overtime.

(Evo Ex) #151

Fridays, the jump day for everyone. Lol

(Chaos Ellec0n) #152

Is there an implant/podkilling rule for the Venture fight, by the way?

(Santa Spirit) #153

Yes there is…

Pod killing is not allowed, any player who does so will be disqualified and will forfeit any item they might have won.

We would prefer that pilots not have implants or use boosters that give them an advantage over other pilots in combat, but, we have no way to know if someone does or not, so we leave that up to the capsuleer’s own conscience.

I will be at the station in a few minutes.


(Daz Miromme) #154

When will the event kick off (EVE Time please)?

(Santa Spirit) #155

I will start the gift giving in a little bit, there are only 4 or 5 people in local at the moment, the brawl will be between 20:00 and 22:00

Other EvEnts will be held during the day as the folks who are sponsoring them get set up


(Lizzi Leviathan) #156

Starts today or tomorrow?

(Santa Spirit) #157

going on right now

(Lizzi Leviathan) #158

derp thought tomorrow

(Evo Ex) #159


On my way, 20 jumps out. Just finished a 15, Ill be there as fast as I can.

(Goldalla Pizzazio) #160

Merry Christmas!