Christmas is coming soon, prt 7 2018 Event

(Santa Spirit) #121

HI my friend, good to see you…

How’s things?, and the little Iron bank?, how is he?

(1RON BANK) #122

All good and thanks for asking!

I will sort some prizes out and get them to you asap!

(Santa Spirit) #123

Great to hear and you’re welcome.


(Santa Spirit) #124

I am about to go to a trade hub and buy some fittings stuff…

I have also decided on what is going to be the prize for 1st place in the brawl…
It includes a complete CA-1 thru CA-4 implant set, several other BPCs, 6 daily Alpha injectors, Genolution eye wear, and 1 billion isk totaling just under 500 items in the can with an estimated value of 1.1 Billion isk plus of course the 1 billion straight isks totaling a 2.1 b +/- prize (not counting the value of the BPCs in the can)

(slphy vansyl) #125

event proposed by mail with prize more than 1B

(Santa Spirit) #126

I just logged, but I’ll take a look when i get on tomorrow.


(Insidious Sainthood) #127

What are the rules for the brawl?

(gizzithere) #128

Just sent contract enjoy

(Santa Spirit) #129

The battle is a tiered battle with each pilot flying a pre-fit venture provided for them based on their race.
The winner of each battle then moves on to the next round
Pilots who win their match are allowed to repair, but not refit their ship prior to the next battle for them and the top 3 winners will get prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.


(Santa Spirit) #130

Thank you.


(Santa Spirit) #131


(Tovh) #132

Because who doesn’t like free ****

(Santa Spirit) #133

OK, you all remember me mentioning the prize for first place in the rookieship (venture) brawl right?

Well, I decided to throw yet another twist on it…
here’s a screenie of the corporate hangars:
you’ll notice that there’s a can named “alternate prize”, the winner of the brawl will have the chance to select the listed prizes, or, the alternate prize can.

Additionally, here’s a screenie of the ships we have available for the ship scrambles and hunts.

Now the ships that we assembled are named in the style we usually use, but, the ships that were donated already assembled were left with the names that they had on them.

in addition, Aya Silverye is going to host the Trivia EvEnt bringing some prizes of her own to the game and I will also provide gifts for her to give out.

There is going to a ship bash sponsored by slphy vansyl who will provide details and his EvEnt time later on.

I will be hosting the brawl, and some of my helpers will be starting conga lines and fireworks fights.

Remember, I’m still needing a few more pilots for the brawl, so spread the word for us…


(Plec Beddelver) #134

Hey @Santa_Spirit, have you announced where this is going to take place? I’m looking forward to my first New Eden Christmas.

(Santa Spirit) #135

Normally, I announce the location the day before, but this year, I’m going to announce the location tomorrow evening when I get home from work.


(Shanks Maulerant) #136

isnt that kinda now? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Santa Spirit) #137

I just got home from work

This year’s EvEnt will be at Esescama VIII - Moon 3 - Imperial Armaments Warehouse
I should be there right after DT Friday morning.

Spread the word…
I’d hate to think that there’s only going to be 6 pilots competing for the brawl prizes…


(Lizzi Leviathan) #138

What time will this 6-man brawl start (eve time)?

(Santa Spirit) #139

it is supposed to be 20 pilots LOL
between 3 and 5 pm EST i think.

(hellboy007 Eriker) #140

Hello Santa! I will be at work from downtime till 5 pm will there be anything to do at that time?
Will i be able to get gifts? if any left