Christmas is coming soon, prt 7 2018 Event

(Geo Eclipse Oksaras) #101

same as here. Santa Spirit. Just look for the same picture in game.

(Udidar Cloudjumper) #102

Hi Santa,

As always, my little corp is donating its yearly Nightmare, in Jita and contracted to you. And as I always say some mildly corny line, I am sure someone would like a Nightmare before Christmas.
See ya next year!

(Zakal S'far) #103

Hi Santa

I’ve put a contract up for you in Dodixie for a few things including a full Genolution implant set. Hope the event goes well as always.


(Tovh) #104

Wanna make sure this is yours “Christmas Spirit and Goodwill Toward Men” <-- corp? ticker “CSGTM” before I make contract. I’ll make the contract to Santa Spirit, not necessarily to the corp.

(Tovh) #105

Hope the contract I sent went to correct person

(PolarAgent) #106

Never had a chance to be on eve around Christmas before so I’m unfamiliar with how a lot the events work. How is the rookieship battle structured, is it a 4 teams go in one comes out kind of fight or is it like a mini tournament?

Also it’s awesome that you take the time every year to set all this up.

(Nikolai Mazinkov) #107

is the battle starting with the venture then on up or what? Want to participate in 1v1 tourney in either case, Gallente (Intaki) if thats how we sign up :smiley:

Can send donations before event will check list and get something new or send ISK

(Kharina Viliana) #108

Here comes the grinch, green with envy, ready to take your Christmas goodies!

(Santa Spirit) #109

Thank you, and yes, everything is useful.

(Santa Spirit) #110

EvEn the Grinch is welcome in whoville


(Santa Spirit) #111

The battle is a tiered battle with each pilot flying a pre-fit venture provided for them based on their race.
The winner of each battle then moves on to the next round
Pilots who win their match are allowed to repair, but not refit their ship prior to the next battle for them and the top 3 winners will get prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

(Santa Spirit) #112

Yes, that is my corp and it did…


(Santa Spirit) #113

I appreciate that and I don’t mind EvEn though it is a bit to do, i have some friends who help when they can and of course, I start in October so I don’t have to rush things too hard.


(Santa Spirit) #114

Since I am familiar with your events through an alt, I’ve sent you the info via EvEmail.

and a donation to your event too.

(Commander A9) #115

It’s much appreciated! As long as I’m not working or out somewhere, I’ll be there!

(Santa Spirit) #116

No Worries, and, I will try to be at yours as well:

Thank you for all you do in the live EvEnts


(Santa Spirit) #117

Bump-a-lump, spread the word…

(Exfu Aideron) #118

I’ll match isk donations starting from right now through the end of the weekend (up to 10b). Post here and send to Santa. Thanks!

(Santa Spirit) #119

That is most generous of you.
Thank you very much

(1RON BANK) #120

Good to see you are still doing this!